(Thomas Hawk)

Influence by Music

Most of my generation is influenced by the power of music. Music is like gas now days because it keeps my peers powered and enthusiastic. Music is bigger than just my generation it’s a worldwide thing that affects us all. Have you ever felt one way, and then listened to music and your whole mood changes? The power of music can do a lot and affect us all. I was around 5 years old when I watched my first music video.

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Poster Boy via Flickr

The Art of Hip-Hop

Hip-hop once united people with life differences and became a valued tradition. Although hip-hop is a respected art, most listeners of my generation are just respecting its ignorant products.

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(Dan Cox)

Lock Me Up Review

After a long and impatient wait, I recently listened to the new album; “Lock Me Up” by The Cab. I was excited for this EP because it has been three years since The Cab had last released an album.

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