(superk8nyc via Flickr)

Music Is My Life

Music was always there to rely on.
And if I don’t listen to it for a day,
I feel dead.
It’s such a sad thing,
Seems like it’s a drug,
That us human beings need.
Some can go with or without it,
But the people who need it,
Fein it like crazy,
Now that’s crazy

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Hip-Hop Today

Another great thing about hip hop is that it allows people who may not normally have an ability to express themselves and be heard to let it all out. Kids who live in underprivileged areas or have abusive parents may not have many people to talk to, but with hip-hop they can channel all of their emotions in a positive way.

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Dream Pop Strip Mall

In Stockton, California — a quiet strip mall has a double life. Come nightfall, it turns into a venue for indie rock concerts. For the Youth Radio story, and video, check out

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