Music Industry Round Table

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By Joseph H.

So I was in class and the only thing I could think about was all my favorite songs and how most new music is very unpleasant. I wondered, does explicit sell or do they want to be ignorant just for the heck of it? Well I went to book club at Youth Radio and we read an article that said, “Does the music industry hate black people?” At the end of book club we got to the point that th5771025070_4572fee0c4_oe music industry really doesn’t care about people in general. It made me want to question the people around me about music and how it makes them feel.

1. What is your favorite genre of music?

2. What’s your favorite song?

3. Do you believe the music industry hate black people? And explain your answer.

4. Are you ok with most of the new and old music that is promoted in the music industry?

5. Do you believe some music is brain washing?

6. Do you believe explicit sell?

7. If you were apart of the music industry what is one thing you would change about the music they would put out?

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