(Clint McMahon)

Music Life

Being around music all my life, it has played a major roll for me. When your whole family is musically inclined, you really have no way of getting out of becoming a musician, producer, singer, etc.

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([ Barret ])

Drumming Commentary

I was always a very artistic child. I was constantly drawing, painting, and doing arts and crafts. But it wasn’t until fifth grade that i started drumming.

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(Craig Cloutier)

Roundtable: Music Moves ME

If I had to, I could go to school without a pen. I could eat without a fork, and I could go places without my shoes. But one thing that’s for sure is I can’t go anywhere or do anything, without my music.

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Review: K.N.O. MOB

K.N.O. MOB is a not only my family but a music group from Vallejo, CA they are well known around there. They have an album called Wake Up Cuddie and there are a total of 16 songs on the album. Wake Up Cuddie this is there first real album, every time I listen to this album it helps me relax and it makes me want to get up and dance.

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