Music is My Life

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By Limsokpich

Music is my life. Music is in my everyday activities, music is something I love and listen to everyday. It’s my thing, what’s your thing? The first time I listened to real music and understood it was when I was in my first year of middle school. That was when music came into my life and when I started loving and appreciating different kind of music.

Music isn’t just beats, rap or a voice singing – it’s more than that –  it’s another way to express yourself or help others to express themselves. Everything in music has its own meaning, like in singing, they have lyrics for other to hear and understand what they are trying to say and express. Music, as in beats and sounds can also express something, like a sad or a happy song. Music can be expressed in many ways.

Through music I learned to understand what the singer or song composer is trying to say and the meaning gets to me a lot every time. I listen to all different kinds of music but my favorite of all is k-pop because it’s so amazing and cool. They express their feelings so well through their dancing and singing, and I understand them very well. K-pop is korean pop musics with strong and awesome dancer and great singing ability.I listen to different types of music and compare them. I learn more about them not only from the lyrics but also the beats and sounds from the background music, and the feeling the singers puts into the song.

You can always try something new and maybe you never know you might like it, that’s how I started to like music and k-pop.It’s the best thing that ever happened to my life. And everything has its meaning through music, words, and feelings, that’s what I learn from music.You should listen to music that makes you feel good and understand what it’s trying to say to you. I love music and I hope that you all can love music as much as I do; maybe it can change your life just like how it changed mine.


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