(Ryan Vaarsi)

The Perks of Street Performing

In my spare time, I have been playing music, or busking, in BART stations and on street corners, trying to make myself some money. So I’ll drag my crappy, half sized guitar over to downtown Berkeley and set up my guitar case with some change in the bottom to try and give people the right idea.

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(Chuck Coker)

Truth In Music

Slick Rick’s lyrics in “Hey Young World” really opened my mind. As a kid and hearing someone tell me I could be whatever I wanted really stood out to me. Since this was the first song I really understood it encouraged me to better myself. Just knowing the meanings of the songs and being able to learn what the songs messages are has helped me.

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Hyphy Soul Radio : Episode 1

Today on The Educated Traphouse Radio we had our first show of the session! We had three juicy playlists from DJ Uniquity, DJ Yahs, and DJ Too-Wavy. We started off the show with a newscast from Valencio and Ashley. Valencio reported the discovery of a skull that a homeless man had found in downtown Oakland. Ashley talked about how despite the fact that recent allegations against Bill Cosby have led to protests, fans will continue loving him.

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(r. nial bradshaw)

Best of Youth Radio 2014

Check out some of Youth Radio’s best reporting over the past year! From youth in the marijuana industry, to fines and fees in the juvenile justice system, to youth perspectives on gender identity, to police/youth relations, Youth Radio has been hard at work telling stories that matter to young people.

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