Influence by Music

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Lumineers, Coachella 2013 -- Indio, CA

By Hasinnie

Most of my generation is influenced by the power of music. Music is like gas now days because it keeps my peers powered and enthusiastic. Music is bigger than just my generation it’s a worldwide thing that affects us all. Have you ever felt one way, and then listened to music and your whole mood changes? The power of music can do a lot and affect us all. I was around 5 years old when I watched my first music video. It was a Lil Bow Wow video and it had an effect on me ever since.  I remember all the fun things in his video that made me like it so much.

Music influenced me to create, mix, and record music for a living. It also put me on the right track to success and gives me something to look forward to doing when there’s too much free time. The power of music can control anybody. When the sound of music comes on it’s like a party the way people react. Music is a big part of society. You can walk down the street on a normal day and hear someone playing music from their car, phone, or live street performances. Music can motivate you and entertain you. Music is one of the biggest forms of promotion. You can hear everything from Aunt Jamama syrup and biscuit to the hottest newest fashions like True Religion, Louis Vuitton, and Fendi. That starts the trend of everything people think that’s “cool” now a days. Music will never go out of style and people will never get tired of hearing it. Music has the power to control the world. It’s the new form of media, news, promotion, and messages.

How is our generation influenced by it?

How is the world affected?

What artist has the most influence on it?

What are the new trends promoted by music?


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