DJ Mustard Review

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By Lidell M.

Dijon Mcfarlane is a 23-year-old beat maker and a DJ. He goes by DJ Mustard. He has been djing since the age of eleven following the steps of his uncle. He makes beats on the program Reason. He is under the label of Pushaz Ink/Roc Nation. DJ Mustard is from Los Angeles, California, where he grew up with the rap artist YG. DJ Mustard is YG’s official tour DJ, and known for making many of his beats. He also collaborates with many other artists like Young Jeezy with his hit “R.I.P”, Tyga with “Rack City”, 2 Chainz with “I’m Different”and many more.

Many people say that his beats sound ratchet, but DJ Mustard describes his beats as undefinable.  I don’t think that music can even sound ratchet without lyrics. I think that his music is dope and inspires upcoming beat makers like me. I listen to his beats to better my skills like better drops and different rhythms. To see that he is successful in following what he loves to do, motivates me to keep going and not to give up.

DJ Mustard only makes Hip-Hop beats but he knows how to make different genres and styles. He should make a variety so his music can expand more. He says his goal is to win the best producer award but he is only making Hip-Hop beats. To be the best producer of the year I think that he has to mix it up and make all different styles of music like R&B, pop, country and more. If you asked me for some good beat makers to listen to or if you needed an instrumental to rap on I would tell you DJ Mustard. With his rising success each year he is one of the top 3 DJ’s in my opinion. I recommend not only beat makers but anyone who listens to music to checkout DJ Mustard’s production.


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