Remix Your Life: Weekly Recap

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Hello RYL world!

This week in Remix has been revolutionary. Community Organizer, Tongo has blessed us with his presence and knowledge. We sat in a circle on Tuesday thinking about our thoughts about our thought processes (sounds insane, I know). But we gathered a list of contradictions to analyze using a new way of thinking; Dialectically. We produced whiteboards worth of examples and analogies. Wednesday we stepped away from this new way of thinking and did what Remix does everyday; read poetry. This poetry brought up much discussion about our own views of revolution and of revolutionaries. We dissected the Malcom X quote:

“The system in this country cannot produce freedom for an Afro-American. It is impossible…And if ever a chicken did produce a duck egg, I’m quite sure that you would say it was certainly a revolutionary chicken!”

Many of our remixers commented and gave unique insight. Thursday, we said goodbye to Tongo after a freewriting exercise that opened many remixers up. A few of us dug into our pasts and took risks being vulnerable; what a gift in the form of spoken word.

Friday was Remix Your Life’s 1st pop-up shop/Bites and Beats. We took the opportunity to partner with a local clothing line the OAK Boys and it payed off. We gathered about 15 people to sign up for a clothing line workshop the OAK Boys are running, and everyone was super excited to participate in both the evening’s Bites and Beats showcase and reap the perks available to them when they arrived.


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