Dream Pop Strip Mall

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In Stockton, California — a quiet strip mall has a double life. Come nightfall, it turns into a venue for indie rock concerts. Youth Radio, in collaboration with our partners at Stitcher, developed a single story multimedia site to tell a deeper story about the city, the youth and the unusual cross-generational partnership that sparked a new music scene.  Check it out here: dreampopstripmall.com.

Violence In Stockton

Michael Tubbs Speaking
Michael Tubbs is 24, and on the Stockton city council.

For some insight into how violence has affected the city’s youth, we turned to Stockton city councilman Michael Tubbs. 24-year-old Tubbs was born and raised in Stockton, California. Back in 2012, he was elected to the city council — the youngest person to ever hold that office in Stockton.

Among other issues that affect the city’s young people, Tubbs is focused on reducing crime in Stockton, which has a high per-capita murder rate that takes a toll on its young people — especially in the summer time.
Tubbs talked to Youth Radio about his work. Listen below.



Photo Gallery: Faces Behind Stockton’s Young Music Scene

During the day, the storefront in the unassuming Stockton strip mall is what real estate developers refer to as a “vanilla shell”: white walls, large windows, and generally dull surroundings. But at night, bands come in early to deck the place out with flame-shaped Christmas lights, large speakers perched on a Persian rug, and a DJ booth in the back. Check out these snapshots of what it’s like to be there.

Musical Extras
Also, listen to new music from Surf Club, the band that sparked this new music scene and started the D Thrift concert series in Stockton.
Surf Club, Young Love Surf Club – Swoon (Music)
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