How Do You Feel About Music Technology?

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By DevinTEDxTrento 2014 - Creatività e Diversità Hey everyone, I’m Devin, here for Hyphy Soul on Youth Radio RAW, and what I’m introducing for today’s roundtable is music technology and the growth of the ‘digital age.’ Music has really evolved throughout the years with the growth of technology and computers, but how do teens feel about it? Do they get into music with how easy it is? Do they enjoy it? Personally, I think teens are getting into it and are even making it a profession already with the growth of teenagers in the music industry that managed to get in through different ways, but I’m not everyone. Questions:

  • Do you produce music in your spare time? And if so, how do you produce your music?
  • How do you feel about the growth of digital music production and how easily it can be to jump on?
  • How do you feel about how open the technology like midi keyboards, interfaces, and others have been in terms of pricing? Do you think it’s affordable, or do you think it’s too expensive?
  • How do you think the growth of ‘the digital age’ has managed to change up the music industry?
  • Do you feel that certain people are against the concept of producing or composing music digitally? And if so, what do you think of them?
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