Music is sandwiches

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PianoBy Nathaniel

I love to make music it’s something I am very passionate about. In my free time I’m always doing something that involves music. Whether it be making the music myself, learning new techniques by watching videos, or even just listening to music and analyzing it inside my head.

When I make music I don’t do it just for the money. Producers can make from $50,000 up to $1,000,000 a year but money isn’t my motivation. My main objective and goal is to have people moving. I want people to have tingles go down their spines when the beat drops. Music is not only really fun but it’s a great stress reliever. There are endless possibilities when it comes to music. Depending on what mood I’m in. I’ll go for a certain emotion before I make a song. Sometimes I even ask a friend to pick a letter from a – g and whatever letter they pick I’ll make that the key of the song.

The type of music I make is trap influenced mixed with electronic instruments. The instruments are very spacey, dreamy, and ethereal. I also add just the right amount of reverb to give it a nice ambient feel.

Making music is just like working at the fam’s deli. You take the order of your customer and gather all the ingredients to make a big whopping sandwich. You start by gathering and choosing some drums. The drum will be your bread. Next you’d get some nice synths and make your veggies delicious by making a harmonious melody. After that you can get a nice bass and use it as the chunky meat. A sandwich isn’t a sandwich unless it has it’s vocal as your cheese and your effects for some condiments. After you have your foot long it’s up to you whether you want to toast it and mix and master it.

Being a chef and making music are akin. There’s a reason why they have a dance called cooking. I aim for the top and aspire to become a master chef at making music.

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