Music Life

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By Jayvyn W.

Being around music all my life, it has played a major roll for me. When your whole family is musically inclined, you really have no way of getting out of becoming a musician, producer, singer, etc. I started playing music when I was about 5 years old. I play the drums, piano, sing a little bit, and I’m currently working on trying to play the guitar. Music has gotten me out of so much trouble in my life. Once upon a time I use to hang with the wrong crow of people that  would encourage me to do the wrong things, like smoke weed, cut school, and just influence me in the wrong way, even my own brother. But then my father and my oldest brother would guide me into the right direction. Everybody has that one thing that keeps them out of trouble. Well, music is that one thing for me. I remember when I use to get in trouble my parents would always keep me from going to a gig or keep me from playing the piano. Usually parents keep you from going to parties and kicking it with your friends, but with my parents was the complete opposite. They would let me go places when I got in trouble but never let me touch a keyboard or a drum stick. But that would make me do better and help me to stay out of trouble. It just goes to show you that music is everything to me. Without it I think my life would be kind of weird.  Music is the best thing in my life this far.

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