Drumming Commentary

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By Martin R.
I was always a very artistic child. I was constantly drawing, painting, and doing arts and crafts. But it wasn’t until fifth grade that I started drumming. I started playing the video game “rock band” and instantly gravitated towards the drums. My friends and family realized that I was amazing at it and I absolutly loved playing. Later that year for my 9th birthday I was given the option to either go on a skiing trip or to get a drum set. I picked the set. I instantly fell in love with it and I’ve been playing ever since.

I’m now in the tenth grade and attend oakland school for the arts or osa where I study instrumental music. I’m primarily a rock and hip hop artist but at OSA I get a more professional music education and study jazz, latin, funk, and more classical aspects of music along with music theory. I’m a gigging musician and I play all around the bay area with my group, ‘catch the coast’. We’re also in the process of recording an ep.

While being a performer I’m also a producer. I co-own Arlington Studios with one of my great friends.  Music has definitelychanged my life, it’s kept me away from things I shouldn’t be doing and has given me a outlet. Its introduced me to my best friends and band mates. I have no idea where i would be if I had not descovered my passion for music.

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