Review: K.N.O. MOB

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By Jaylonie B.

Hip Hop/ Rap - Rare Music Video


K.N.O. MOB is a not only my family but a music group from Vallejo, CA. They are well known around there. They have an album called Wake Up Cuddie and there are a total of 16 songs on the album. Wake Up Cuddie is their first real album. Every time I listen to this album it helps me relax and makes me want to get up and dance. Their music is like trap music and hip-hop and it reminds me of mac dre.  The first time I listened to the album was when we were in my room and they played their first song. It was called On Sight. One song that I don’t like is Code Red. I don’t like this song because you can tell the song was rushed and last minute. The song I like the most is North Side because it talks about where we came from and how we were raised and my verse was on it. Although the album is not in stores to download, you can download it from iTunes. I also like the album cover because it is very creative and animated. This album has profanity so parental guidance is advised. Another thing I dislike about the album is one of the songs on there is kind of dumb.  It’s one song on there called, All I Wanna Do. It’s a twearking song they made in late March.  This album is important to me because it took them a whole two years to get recognized and signed and they put dedication in to make this album and they never gave up. Although they are not as big as iamsu and others they are just teens trying to make their dreams come true.  I would recommend this album to all the hip-hop lovers and the reason why is because it’s different. It’s not like other rap and hip-hop songs. It talks about real stuff and not girls shaking their butts and other dumb stuff like that.

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