What I Didn’t Learn In High School

“Leading up to high school graduation, I heard many of my classmates say, “four years of classes and I didn’t learn a thing.” They were joking, but to me, it wasn’t that funny….it’s actually kind of true.”

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Kyhia Corley

I have 3.0 grade point average but before high school i could barely make a 2.0. I didn’t have the mindset I have now.

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Boring School

Cutting and being late to class is starting to become a trend and is considered “cool”. These habits set a student up for failure and don’t lead to a successful completion of high school

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Alex via Flickr

On Another Level

In life I was branded as the slow kid cause I thought on another level. When I was a kid, teachers and kids thought I was special needed cause I never acted like a normal kid.

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