What I Didn’t Learn In High School

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Classic Learning

Leading up to high school graduation, I heard many of my classmates say, “four years of classes and I didn’t learn a thing.” They were joking, but to me, it wasn’t that funny….it’s actually kind of true.

I went to a big public high school. It wasn’t the best learning environment for me. I was stressed out by all the homework, worksheets, and tests. Rather than encouraging me to think for myself, my grades seemed to be determined by how well I could memorize facts and dates. I felt like a robot.

The one exception was my government class. There, my teacher based his curriculum on current events, not textbooks. If it wasn’t for that class, I would’ve been lost when it came to issues or who to vote for. I enjoyed the coursework, and most importantly, I felt like I was learning.

This is what an education is supposed to do. School isn’t just about acing tests or cramming in information. It should help you understand how the world is and, hopefully, shape it for the better.

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