Kyhia Corley

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IMG_5953By Kyhia

I have 3.0 grade point average but before high school I could barely make a 2.0. I didn’t have the mindset I have now. Time has shown me how important learning is and how important it is to get good grades. Making it to school wasn’t a priority either. I barely went. I went to school once or twice a week or not at all. There was no reason for me not to go I just didn’t, I eventually got truancy and had to come to school everyday or I would be in trouble with the school board. The school board got on my nerves because it felt like I was there almost everyday discussing my attendance and grades.

The school board tried to scare me by telling that I would be put on ankle monitor to make sure I  came to school everyday, or my mom would be in trouble. I didn’t believe them sure enough I was kicked out of school in the 8th grade for truancy. Some how mom was able to get me back into the same school, My mom would take me to my friends house to makes sure I would get there because she had to be at work early. Still I didn’t take that serious so I would be late everyday and skip classes. Until it all caught up to me and they did kick me out.

I’ve learned that school is here to help me and give me a future. So I made a decision to make sure I go to school on time everyday. Now I am a 3.0 student and have great attendance, it’s only 1 year later but I’ve made a big improvement in school. I even take college classes during the summer which is more of me getting up early and homework all the things dont like about school, but I Am doing it to get extra credit so if I want I can graduate early. The important thing about school is that it is set up to help you learn. So I took advantage and let them teach me.


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