How Students Feel About School

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students at school
students at school

by Malia

Most people that I know attend public school. However, some of my friends attend  private or independent study schools. I go to an independent study school. I get one-on-one instruction from my teachers, I’m able to move at my own pace. Because of this I enjoy school. According to the Indiana University’s High School Survey of Student Engagement, 98% of students say that they are bored at school. I think that students should be able to enjoy school and that teachers should be enthusiastic. I want to see the differences in schools. I think that school should be both enjoyable and educational for students.

  1. What school do you go to? What type of school is it? Public, Private?
  2. Do you enjoy school? Why?
  3. Do you get to participate in class? Do you enjoy it?
  4. What would you change about school?
  5. Are your teacher’s passionate about the subject?
  6. What are your plans after high school? Do your teachers support you?
  7. Are you getting the help you need at school?
  8. Are you able to choose your classes?
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