On Another Level

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By Joseph

In life I was branded as the slow kid ’cause I thought on another level. When I was a kid, teachers and kids thought I was special needs ’cause I never acted like a normal kid. I had a speech impediment ’cause I over-thought everything in detail so I didn’t talk.

443797322_f7796a4f05_oThe teachers thought I was mute. So I spoke sign language until the age of 4.  Sign language was easy to speak, cause it’s mostly hand motions. But at the age of 4 a teacher challenged me and put me up a grade. I started to stutter, which to every one is a big leap to the start of my talking. Other teachers took their time to help me speak with proper language, so at the age of 5 I had lost my stuttering. I had always felt special for my new-found gift of speech. If I wasn’t challenged at such a young age I wouldn’t be as open and confident as I am today. Also, I wouldn’t be as special as I am now. So treasure your voice cause others don’t have one figuratively and literally.


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