Creepy Clowns Unmasked!

With all this clown hysteria and fear mongering going on, a few Youth Radio reporters decided to face their fears and get to the heart of what’s really scaring people this fall. And you won’t believe what they found!


A Teen Witch Welcomes Halloween

I’m a teen witch and a part of being a teen witch is performing spells on the night of the full moon. So on this night, I decided to cast a circle as protection. A circle of protection is when you call upon the four elements to come into your house and protect yourself, your room, or your whole household.

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The Darker Side of Black Licorice

This Halloween, kids everywhere will be out trick or treating for candy. And while some might worry about the loot rotting our teeth, there’s another more potent risk. Traces of the powerful neurotoxin, lead, can be found in some candy. This isn’t a new concern. For more than a decade, we’ve known about harmful amounts of the metal showing up in chili-flavored sweets imported from Mexico. That problem was addressed, but the California Department of Public Health has found lead in some candies made and distributed in the US.

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