My Perfect Halloween? A Screening Of “Rocky Horror”

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As a teenager, I feel like I’m not always encouraged to be myself. But when I go to a screening of Rocky Horror, I’m free to be exactly who I want to be.

Rocky Horror is a cult classic film where the audience participates by dancing, singing, and throwing things around the theater.  It’s not new — the film’s been around for decades. But as a teenager, it still offers me something unique: self-acceptance.

The first time I went, I was intimidated. Guys were there dressed in nothing but black shorts and fishnets. At first, I just stood around awkwardly and thought about how I didn’t fit in. But as the night went on, I appreciated how everyone there seemed so confident. It was a place free of judgment.

At home, my parents prohibit me from saying certain things or dressing a certain way. But when I go to Rocky Horror, no one cares about what anyone is doing.

So when I feel like I need to be reminded of who I really am, I just head out to another midnight screening. And I remember it’s okay to be weird every now and then.

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