A Teen Witch Welcomes Halloween

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It’s 5:00 a.m. and I can still see the blood moon that happened hour ago. It’s the perfect night to do a ritual.

I’m a teen witch and a part of being a teen witch is performing spells on the night of the full moon. So on this night, I decided to cast a circle as protection. A circle of protection is when you call upon the four elements to come into your house and protect yourself, your room, or your whole household.

I pour some salt in a little container to represent earth, pour some water in a bowl to represent water, incense which symbolizes air. Lastly, a red candle that represents fire.

Then I say, “Before me, guardian of air. Behind me guardian of water. On my right hand, guardian of fire. On my left hand guardian of earth.”

I decided to become a Wiccan because I grew up without a religion forced upon me even though I was introduced to a lot of cultures when I was younger. And then I met a group of girls who were already into being witches and then they welcomed me into the group and I just… decided that that was what I was going to do.

Some people call Wiccan magic “supernatural” but we see wicca as something anyone can do and anyone can create their own prayers and make them come true. The most important thing I feel people should know is that being wiccan is not the same as witchcraft. Wiccans do not cast spells to hurt people …nor do we worship the “Devil” or “satan”.

Now that Halloween’s here, I have an opportunity to erase the stereotypes. I’m going to dress up like a witch. but not with the broom and pointy hat. I was thinking of wearing some fairy wings, flower headband and some type of flowy skirt. When people ask about my costume, I can say, “I’m a white witch of healing magic.”

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