Jokes on diversity

I learned about microaggressions on Wednesday. Now I realize that the little jokes that we make have larger impact.

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(Kate Elizabeth/Flickr)

My Scary Encounter With Mental Illness

I used to think that cutting was something attention seekers do because people would and still romanticize mental illness and self harm. Now when someone tells me that they cut or that they used too I try to get the idea of attention seeking out of my head because there are people especially teens that need help.

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(Keith Allison)

The Key is Football

Growing up with my brother going in and out of jail and me not having my dad, football showed me teamwork and how to work hard at everything I do. One coach named Solemn didn’t care if we won or lost he only care about if we as a team.

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(Greg Sucharew)

Younger Siblings Get it Worse

Being the youngest can be tough. Sometimes you get way more rules than your other siblings. Like this one time, I was about to go to a party with my 2 older sisters but at the last minute my mom told me I couldn’t go because she didn’t want me to get in fights or get arrested.

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