(Lucie Mahe/ Flickr)

Bullies vs. Free Expression

Growing up with fairy wings strapped to your back creates a wonderful sustained illusion. I was living in a fantasy world. I thought nothing of my eccentricities and would even boast them. Everyone around me lived as free as wild animals, and encouraged me to do the same.

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(Ramon Llorensi/Flickr)

Homelessness in My Head

My perspective completely changed. I cooked for their family, cleaned for everyone and was responsible for my friend’s actions. I was responsible for everything wrong and wasn’t appreciated for contributing to their household. I felt like I was in the way. Like there wasn’t enough I could do.

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(Chris Potter)

My Crazy Life

Two years ago I spent two and a half months in Kiefer Juvenile Hall system. While I was in the Juvenile system I thought about how my life was going to be different.

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