Role Models — Commentary

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By Aracely

28119874915_fa6390bc6e_zA role model is someone you look up too. Many people look up to their parents, friends, family, or even famous people. Well, I look up to my older brother who never lets anyone put him down. My brother grew up not having a dad by his side to guide him or a mom, because she was always out working. Over time, he became a gang member lost in depression, feeling alone in the world. He started drinking and even smoking with people who he thought were his friends. He then, later got up continued with life, and stopped all the bad things he was doing. He  always had goals and wanted to reach them, and wouldn’t let anyone put him down or tell him he can’t do something. On top of everything he’s  accomplished,  he is always there for me, supporting me, and being that big brother that cares and protects his little sister. He tells me to do the right thing and continue with my education. Even if he couldn’t have the same opportunities as me he keeps trying, and working hard. This is important because there are many people who have a problem with drinking,smoking and depression which my brother went through and can get help and support to overcome and go on in life. That’s why my brother is my role model and someone important to me.

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