Younger Siblings Get it Worse

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youngest siblingBy Jessica

Being the youngest can be tough. Sometimes you get way more rules than your other siblings. Like this one time, I was about to go to a party with my 2 older sisters but at the last minute my mom told me I couldn’t go because she didn’t want me to get in fights or get arrested. At the time I was heated, because I was talking about going to this party for past week. Just because I’m the youngest way more rules apply to me.

According to the Huffington Post studies show that the youngest in the family tend to be more rebellious. I think this is true because not being able to do things my older siblings can makes me want to go ahead and do them anyway, no matter what the consequences are. All the rules I have to follow are just irritating most of the time, just because I’m the youngest doesn’t mean I can’t handle myself.

Things people/parents should know about being the youngest child are that all the rules can make them want to move out of the house, because they might feel like they can’t do anything. They should also know that the youngest child just wants more space and freedom and expect to be trusted while they’re out roaming free. The youngest also wants people to pay more attention to them, but not to the point to where it’s irritating. For me being the youngest child is challenging but I’ve learned how to manage it.

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