Destiny Of A Dishwasher

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kitchen sinkBeing born into a family business is kind of like being born into the mafia. You are brought up knowing that one day you will have to fulfill a predetermined destiny. Mine, is to work as a dishwasher in my grandmas tea shop.

I grew up knowing that all the women in my family would become servers and all the men would become dishwashers. I remember being  so excited, but when I started working, it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

I cleaned people’s messes, and then set tables for other people to make new messes. One time a frail old lady pooped all over a chair, and guess who had to clean it? Me, the dishwasher. I felt so small, so unimportant.

And that’s how I felt until recently, when I overheard some customers say that I, the dishwasher, was the backbone of the establishment — making it all possible.

Now I realize just how important I am. Without me, the chef wouldn’t have dishes to put meals on, and the servers wouldn’t be able to take out food.

Although I may have a low position, I still have importance.


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