The Business of New Age

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What’s the recipe to own a successful business?  For me it’s a mix of spirituality, and capitalism.

Wind chimes, small water fountains, and an amethyst crystal the size of my little sister, you can find all these things in a shop in Oakland called Psychic Reality. It`s the metaphysical store of my dreams,  similar to one I will own someday.

But oh no! Psychic Reality is closing.

So what does that mean for me?

It means, I have to figure out how to make new age stuff relevant to more people.

I got my friend who was feeling anxious about school to go into the shop. I showed her some gemstones that might make her feel better, and she bought  a handful.  It worked for her.  So she went back to buy more.

Then some of our peers questioned how the stones actually worked. Eventually their interrogation wore her down. “Well maybe they don’t work” she said.

Maybe there’s not a scientific explanation for these stones, but there is a shamanistic one…. and as a future business owner, a capitalistic one too.

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