Home For The Holidays: Reflections From #OutLoud

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By Grace F.
I’m Grace, a pansexual sixteen year old. I’ve only recently come to terms with and embraced my sexuality. It’s been a difficult thing to do, given my conservative Christian upbringing. Although I’ve come out to my parents and sisters, I don’t usually discuss my sexuality, as it makes my homophobic parents extremely uncomfortable.
Every year we visit my father’s side of the family, and I have not come out to any of them. This is the first year that I’m going to be really aware of the fact that if I did come out, they would probably be horrified. When I brought up the issue briefly with my parents, my mother asked if I could just wait until my grandparents are dead first, jokingly saying it “might give my grandfather a heart attack.”
Needless to say, I’m very nervous. I don’t want to make my sexuality a big deal (since it isn’t a big deal), but it makes me uncomfortable knowing that everyone assumes I’m straight unless I make a point of saying I’m not. I don’t know if the subject will come up or how I’ll react if it does. I just know that I’m sick of hiding.
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