Zimmerman Verdict And The Aftermath

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Trayvon Martin And George ZImmerman

Coverage By Youth Radio: 

88 Coming Of Age In The Era Of Oscar Grant And Trayvon Martin
18-year-old Myles Bess realizes stories like Trayvon Martin’s were always close to home, he just had to grow up to understand how they relate to him.







From Oscar to Trayvon
Fruitvale Station, the movie about the shooting death of 22-year-old Oscar Grant, opened in theaters the day before the verdict was announced in the Trayvon Martin case. Pendarvis Harshaw sees an unfortunate connection between the two.






Growing Up Black, Watching Your Back
Youth Radio podcast exploring how African American teenagers are searching for solutions to racism.




93 What Next? Youth Look Past The Zimmerman Verdict
Pendarvis Harshaw revisits the moment the Zimmerman verdict was announced and the hours after, as he turned to mentors and friends.






90Youth Radio Repairs Storefront And Continues Coverage And Classes
Young people involved with Youth Radio reflect on the importance of the program in their lives, after the organization became a target in protests after the Zimmerman verdict.






What was your response to the George Zimmerman murder trial?
Brandon McFarland joins a panel to discuss youth reaction to George Zimmerman being acquitted in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.






09 Reframing The Trayvon Martin Reaction
Bianca Brooks followed the George Zimmerman case from day one. When it finally came to a close she was shocked, not by the verdict, but rather the reaction it drew from the public.





Grant Station: A Killing And The Aftermath

Youth Radio documented the 19 months following the shooting of Oscar Grant, whose death is being compared to Trayvon Martin’s. From the reactions of witnesses who recorded the incident on their cell phones, to the outrage and mass actions in the community, to the trial, these stories and photography are collected in the online magazine Grant Station, originally released in 2010.






Coverage AboutYouth Radio:


Oakland’s Trayvon Martin Protests Underscore City’s History Of Racially Charged Violence
The Huffington Post – July 14, 2013


01Oakland’s Youth Radio station suffers vandalism, continues focus on Zimmerman verdict
Oakland Tribune – July 16, 2013




Oakland’s Youth Radio Non-Profit Vandalized By Protesters
KPIX 5 – , July 16, 2013




 Protestors Smashed Youth Radio’s Windows, Let’s Give Them New Ones
GOOD.is – July 16, 2013)




Oakland’s Youth Radio Vandalized By Protesters
KPIX 5 – July 17, 2013



03Zimmerman Verdict Protesters Damage Windows At Youth Radio In Oakland, Calif.
Current.org – July 17, 2013



98Zimmerman Protests: Oakland Residents Stand Up Against Violence
Los Angeles Times – July 17, 2013



00Oakland Cleans Up After Zimmerman Protests Turned Violent
KPIX 5 – July 17, 2013



05Oakland Cops Stretched Too Thin, Chief Says
SFGate – July 18, 2013



12Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant Through the Eyes of Oakland
NBC Bay Area – July 20, 2013

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