George Zimmerman

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Why My Neighborhood Kids Don’t Trust The System

I grew up in a middle-class, suburban county in New Jersey, but now I’m a twenty-something intern living in a low-income part of Washington, D.C. The realtor euphemism for such neighborhoods is “transitional,” a word that implies ongoing change. This is ironic because I feel that so many of the residents here feel as though things will never change, and will always stay the same. Since moving here, I’ve already become accustomed to the wail of sirens, the disconcerting, yet reassuring pulse of blue and red light through the heavy bars on my windows.

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Reframing The Trayvon Martin Reaction

I followed the Trayvon Martin case from day one. I read countless articles, social commentary, and notes on the trial. When the case finally came to a close I was deeply shocked– but not by the verdict.

After watching the Casey Anthony and OJ Simpson trials, I had already guessed Zimmerman would be found not guilty, because the evidence was not “beyond a reasonable doubt.” I was not surprised by the outcome of the case, but rather the reaction it drew from the public.

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