Brett Myers

Unlocked: Juvenile Probation Reformed

Back in 2000, Wayne County made some major changes to its juvenile probation system, making the program more therapeutic. Before reforms in Wayne County, the recidivism rate for juveniles was about six in ten kids. Now the recidivism rate is low — holding steady at around 16 percent.

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(Photo Credit: Michael Fleshman)

Reframing The Trayvon Martin Reaction

I followed the Trayvon Martin case from day one. I read countless articles, social commentary, and notes on the trial. When the case finally came to a close I was deeply shocked– but not by the verdict.

After watching the Casey Anthony and OJ Simpson trials, I had already guessed Zimmerman would be found not guilty, because the evidence was not “beyond a reasonable doubt.” I was not surprised by the outcome of the case, but rather the reaction it drew from the public.

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