Young Invincible On Affordable Care Act

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On any given weekend my friends and I call, text, and tweet each other to figure out our plans for the evening. And while they’re trying to decide between movies and a house party, I’m weighing a completely different option in my head. Should I even risk going out?

I can’t help but think of drunk drivers carelessly cruising on freeways, and stray bullets escaping guns heading towards people they weren’t intended for. Because I don’t have health insurance, and those risks are out there, most Fridays, I choose to stay home.

I’m considered a Young Invincible. It’s assumed that people my age view ourselves as invulnerable.

The White House says they need 2.7 million healthy Americans to sign up for health care to offset costs for those who are older and sicker. And let’s be honest, they’re talking about young people.

But I’m sorry Mr. President, I may not be the best offset. This young person will use her health care until the wheels fall off. In May of this year, I had to go to the hospital. I spent 11 hours in a bed being examined, poked, and prodded. It was topped off with a 550 dollar bill. I’m a 19-year old woman with no insurance working two part time jobs. Six months later that bill still hasn’t been paid. I just don’t have the money.

However, thanks to the the Affordable Care Act, I might get some coverage. I recently applied for MediCal, which I would not have qualified for without Obamacare. Before reforms, I would have had to have a child or a disability to qualify. But now, income alone is playing a bigger role.

For all the talk about about, all I know is I’m signed up. Now, when Friday rolls around and my friends call about going out, I’ll be saying yes.

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