The Power of Youth And Radio on World Radio Day

Today is World Radio Day. And the theme this year is youth and radio. At 14 years old, and through her high school years, Youth Radio’s Bianca Brooks started learning about journalism, and reporting on a variety of issues on many platforms – video, online apps, and radio. She liked radio most of all.

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Kyle May via Flickr

Teen Driving

It seems like every other week we hear about another car crash involving teens. And as a rising junior this is going to be on mind when I take the drivers test.

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(Sarah Kochan)

Imaginary Numbers

The lyrics “imaginary numbers control the ones we love” is a realization that our lives are ruled by numbers such as; your age, test scores, grade, weight or height. Fate lies within those numbers and dictates our happiness and we should accept whatever numbers we have.

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DIY Toolkit: How To Find Your Radio Voice

You’ve done the research, you’ve written your script… now it’s time to step up to the mic and read. But if you really want to breathe life into your story, you can’t just read it— you have to perform it. So what goes into a good vocal performance? How do you sound casual, and authoritative? How do you sound like you’re talking to a friend, when you know actually reading off a paper? Learn some of the tricks of the trade for effective voicing in this lesson.

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