Imaginary Numbers

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By Jessica

The Maine is an independent, 5-piece alternative band hailing from Phoenix, Arizona. The band started 7 years ago while two members were still finishing their senior year of high school. Bassist, Garrett Nickelsen, and drummer, Patrick Kirch, decided to form the band after their previous band broke up. They recruited guitarists, Jared Monaco and Kennedy Brock, to join them. Patrick’s older brother asked his friend John to audition. The early days of the band were spent playing intimate shows but they have now graduated to playing large capacity venues.

Since then it’s been constant touring and releasing music. Their latest release is an acoustic EP titled “Imaginary Numbers”. Singer, John O’Callaghan, takes inspiration for lyrics from life experiences around him. Musically, the mellow guitars nicely compliment John’s raspy vocals and create a melancholy tone.

My personal favorite song is “Lovely Sad” which I interpreted as being content with feeling sad sometimes, but not letting it affect you long-term. It’s a reminder that trivial things won’t be as important later on in life. The lyrics “imaginary numbers control the ones we love” is a realization that our lives are ruled by numbers such as: your age, test scores, grade, weight or height. Fate lies within those numbers and dictates our happiness and we should accept whatever numbers we have.

I highly recommend listening to them or at least checking them out.


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