Brett Myers

One Teen’s Perspective: Save Our Girls

“Nationally, the average age at which girls first become exploited through prostitution is 12–14 years old.”

Out of the many disheartening statistics, this one stuck out the most to me. I have two beautiful little

cousins who will turn 12 years old this year. Instead of them entering the safe and innocent pre-teen

years, they are now entering a war zone. Who will fight for them when they are too young and too small

to fight for themselves? How am I supposed to protect them from being yet another statistic? When I’m

not there to hold their hands and lead them away from a strange man who only wants to hurt them,

then what?

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Forage City Reflections

As you can tell from this site, lots of young people and partners have worked together to create Forage City. Two of the young people who joined the process when we were finishing up the first design phase are Christina So and Donta Jackson. Below are their reflections on what they learned from their time as leaders on the Forage City creative team.

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(Photo Credit: Gideon Tsang)

A “Piece” Of Mind

There were times when my main focus was to get a gun just so I could have a twisted version of peace of mind.

Growing up in West Oakland, I’ve witnessed things like people getting beat up for snitching to the authorities, and being paid to commit murders. I’ve even been there when my cousins loaded their guns before going to the grocery store.

I used to feel as if a gun was essential in my everyday life.

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