( Daniel Parks)

Dear Oakland

I would like to write to you about the flaws you have, but before I commit to all your little blemishes let’s talk about your good assets first.

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(marsmetn tallahasse)

Dear Oakland

Why are you making our young people into something they’re not? Heartless with no values or care in the world, they look up to people who aren’t positive examples and just make our community worse.

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(Michael )

Dear Oakland…

I find you on any given Tuesday strolling down College Avenue, silently making footprints adjacent to my own on the vibrant gray pavement.

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Sons And Brothers Speak Out

This video highlights the voices of African American young men growing up in Oakland, California, whose lives are touched by many of the issues raised by My Brother’s Keeper.



Happy Burrito

Within the first bite, you’ll taste the amazing combination of guacamole and sour cream, then the other fillings wrapped in a warm and savory tortilla.

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