Remix Your Life: The Process

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RemixYourLife Cover Photo


Recruiting artists who’ve never heard a remix come from between lips.
Hand ‘em a pen, paper and some tools to increase wits.
If they want to keep it local or take it back to Egypt they can see vids
and witness other artist’s genius on these picks.

Water these precious flowers to bloom.
Take them out, if only temporarily, their doom.
Surrounding world makes ‘em cocoon,
We give them time and space to make a move…
Toward flight, toward light in the darkest hours
We help to make them moons.

Some love their words written,
others like it mapped.
Some begin to sing their songs of who they a(R)e & (B)ecome rapt.
We do not force the process,
as flowers, they can drown,
We lift their strengths slowly from in them in hopes they take their crown.

We provide the platform, so one day they will rise,
Place it in front of a sea of people; one day they will dive.
Just keep swimming in this water void of strife in hopes of one day touching souls to tell them to “Remix Your Life.”


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