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DISCUSSION: Graduating High School Versus Earning A GED

Would you consider earning a high school equivalency certification instead of a high school diploma? What, if anything, does the high school experience offers versus the potential “shortcut” of a GED? How well does high school fit your learning needs?

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Discussion: How Does Your Community View Depression?

Depression in teens can be difficult to recognize, particularly when you factor in cultural views of mental illness. This resource, developed by teachers and teens at Youth Radio, includes media and discussion questions for a classroom discussion.

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Teacher Resource: Are Schools Teaching Sex Ed Too Late?

Given evidence that many girls and boys are physically maturing faster than previous decades, do you think schools should start sex-ed at a younger age? When is the right time to start talking to kids about their changing bodies, and what are the best ways to have that conversation? Who should educate kids about puberty — parents or schools or both?

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Teacher Resource: Re-thinking Fast Fashion Lesson Plan

Fall is here, which means colder weather and, for some teens, a reason to buy new clothes. How should teens balance affordability, style and ethics when it comes to buying clothing? Do you think it’s okay to buy inexpensive “fast fashion” clothing that was made in sweatshops? How can teens help promote fair labor practices?

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