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(NRK P3)

Kendrick’s New Album

Kendrick’s latest effort has a wide range of songs that can appeal to almost any fan of hip-hop. It also includes the already very popular singles “i”, “The Blacker the Berry” and “King Kunta”.

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Hip-Hop Today

Another great thing about hip hop is that it allows people who may not normally have an ability to express themselves and be heard to let it all out. Kids who live in underprivileged areas or have abusive parents may not have many people to talk to, but with hip-hop they can channel all of their emotions in a positive way.

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Poster Boy via Flickr

The Art of Hip-Hop

Hip-hop once united people with life differences and became a valued tradition. Although hip-hop is a respected art, most listeners of my generation are just respecting its ignorant products.

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(Christopher Bowns)

Commentary: Music Moves Me

Atmosphere’s music was unique and it still is, I think what drew my attention toward them was that in their songs, they talk about real stuff while still finding the perfect balance between “the best” and being real people.

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