RYL Artist Profile- Shy’An Genisis

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shyra publicity shot.jpegShy’An Genesis is an artist and producer who started her interest with music at 9 years old. She began by listening to Tupac and writing her own lyrics, then entered the world of music production at the age of 15. Next to Tupac, her other main influences were the many groups from the underground Hip-Hop culture of the 90s, as well as many more artists popular in today’s generation with unique styles and sounds that correspond to the golden age. Shy’An plans to build her career by continuously performing and making the right connections in the music business. Her passion for music stems from the need to have her voice heard, and to expand her intellectual horizons.  No matter what else she does in life, music is her greatest source of passion and sanity. “For me, I love music because it is the only platform where nobody can tell me how to do what I love, I can choose what advice to use.” The best thing that Shy’An does is writing lyrics and rapping, and she feels good when others show her love because she knows that they are paying attention to what she has to say.  Every time she finishes a song she tells herself, “I can’t wait to see everything that happens when I introduce this song.” In the future, Shy’An would also like to teach others about music, the art of performance, and the art of lyricism. She hopes to have her own craft at a well respected level for her to teach with the utmost confidence. You can find her hot new tunes on soundcloud and follow her on Facebook, instagram, and twitter by @shyan_g.

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