Oakland Queer Fashion Week 2015

You’ve heard of New York Fashion Week or Paris Fashion Week and their runway shows, but have you heard of Queer Fashion Week? It just wrapped up in Oakland, California. Youth Radio was there and produced this snapshot of the designers, the models, and what sets this fashion show apart.


(r. nial bradshaw)

Best of Youth Radio 2014

Check out some of Youth Radio’s best reporting over the past year! From youth in the marijuana industry, to fines and fees in the juvenile justice system, to youth perspectives on gender identity, to police/youth relations, Youth Radio has been hard at work telling stories that matter to young people.

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(The Advocacy Project, via flickr)

Wrong Feminism vs. Right Feminism

The day I discovered the mindset of a misogynistic, or having the quality of despising women, and misandry tic, having the quality of despising men, self-proclaimed feminist, was the day I discovered I was allegedly no feminist at all. Instead, I was just a guy with an expensive Patagonia jacket, who had no idea what gender discrimination felt like.

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