Seeing Like A Butterfly: Beyond The Gender Binary

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By Mikey Prizmich

Even the strongest LGBTQQIA advocates I know, struggle with the T part. Trans-gender.

Transgender means identifying as a man, woman, both or neither. It’s not about the chromosomes and genitals you were born with. It comes down to the gender you feel like you are.

Older people have a harder time with this idea, but my generation is less likely to make assumptions about gender.

The problem with the gender binary is that it excludes. How can someone progress and be part of society if they don’t feel like they belong?

I think people who see gender as just male or female is kind of like seeing in black and white. Understanding gay is like seeing in normal color. With transgender its like adding a whole other color cone, like how a butterfly sees.

There is life beyond the binary.  People just have a hard time seeing it.


Video Credits:

Directed by Mikey Prizmich
Filmed by Mikey Prizmich, Chaz Hubbard, Jenny Bolario, Luis Flores 
Edited by Mikey Prizmich, Luis Flores 
Produced by Chaz Hubbard
Music by Luis Flores
Special FX by Jenny Bolario
Actors: Krystal Swan, Jenny Bolario

Special Thanks To:

Ollie Renee Schminkey
Sasha Fleischman
Rachel Lin
Bus Bench Stranger 
Rafael Johns

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