The Death Of My Uncle

My uncle, O’Shaine, was 26 when he was murdered. He and two of his friends drove to San Francisco on the night of October 7th hoping to engage in a good time.

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(Pierre Pouliquin)

How My Parents Have Influenced Me

Parents are important to any child’s development. Having been adopted from China, I wonder how the person I am has been shaped by my parents and my own ethnicity. While my culture shapes how I see the world, my parents also influence me everyday.

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(James Thompson)

My Family

Since we were young, my parents have taught my brother and I the same values they learned growing up like working hard and honesty. But the one I appreciated the most was the importance of family.

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Bay Street

By Kyhia Corley I recently went to bay street  with my mom and sister to go shopping. H&M and Forever…

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