Bay Street

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By Kyhia Corley

I recently went to bay street  with my mom and sister to go shopping. H&M and Forever 21 had some sales over the fourth of july weekend. I got some nice things like pants from H&M and some shirts and jewelry from Forever 21. While I was there I went to the elephant bar, one of best restaurant at bay streets.The Elephant Bar is one of the best restaurants there because of the set up and the food. I recommend you try some of the sliders. Going to Bay Street you can do some of everything. You can go to the movies, go shopping, and get food. Bay Street is a good one-stop shop.

Bay street is also known as Emeryville. Its a popular hang out for teens because it’s a convenient place to link up with your friends. I like to go to Bay Street because its fun and it is an outside mall. Some of my favorite stores are there that is why I like to go there too. There is of course H&M and Forever 21, but they have ALDO, Victoria Secret, the Vans store, Old Navy, and Gap. Those are my favorite store that they have. Some good food places there besides Elephant Bar is California Pizza Kitchen, and P.F Chang’s.

Bay Street

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