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For The Love Of Cello

A study published this month in The Journal of Neuroscience looks at free music programs aimed at at-risk kids, and finds that studying music improves performance in the human brain. Youth Radio’s Scott Lau went through a similar program, and is now a freshman at USC studying music business and the cello. Lau contributed his story about how playing the cello has changed him.

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Dream Pop Strip Mall

In Stockton, California — a quiet strip mall has a double life. Come nightfall, it turns into a venue for indie rock concerts. For the Youth Radio story, and video, check out

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Before They Go: Parents and Kids Talk Campus Sexual Assault

Rachel Swinehart, 18, has commandeered her family’s living room in Cedar Rapids Iowa, filling it with large, plastic tubs containing stuff like pink bedding and a coffee maker. She’s about to head off to Shenandoah College, a small arts school in Virginia. In many ways, organizing her stuff is the easy part. Talking about the risks of college life — that’s a bit harder.

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