Young Voters Want Respect

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As a first time voter, I’m part of a sought after voting block. But most candidates have the wrong campaign tactics.

I’m on the older end of Generation Z, those born after the Millennials and raised during the recession. Since I grew up during a financial crisis, naturally I’m worried about money. I want a leader who has a plan for student loans and healthcare, but I’m not seeing many appealing candidates.

Politicians seem to be talking down to young voters. They’re wasting time playing guitar or Snapchatting.

There are urgent issues young people care about. I start college next fall, and I want an education without the crippling debt. Caring about our environment will literally save the planet. And then there’s the Black Lives Matter movement. How many times do we have to watch police brutality in the news before it stops?

These topics are important to me because they’re real problems I see every day.

It’s a long way until November, and my mind isn’t made up yet. So for candidates out there: Put down the acoustic guitar. And tell me how your actions will lead my generation forward.

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