Writing As An Outlet

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Writing is an outlet to another world, where my thoughts and I can be alone before facing reality.

I’ve noticed that sometimes it’s hard for me to say things the right way, like the time I owed my dance teacher an apology.

I knew I should have written it down first, but my dance group made me apologize right after I disrespected her. Let’s just say I didn’t give her a legitimate apology. My whole attitude was rude because I didn’t have time to get over what just occurred.

Writing gives me a chance to get it all out first. I can say what I want without being judged.

As soon as my pen touches the paper it seems like my heart is healing. And when I’m done writing I stuff the page under my bed.

Under my bed I see a bunch of worlds I used to live in, but I also see change and growth. People always say, “think before you speak.” But that’s not realistic without some kind of outlet.

For me, writing is my thinking process, so that when I speak it will come out right.

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