Unforeseen Changes In My Community

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store closing

Walmart closed more than 250 stores, including the one in my neighborhood, East Oakland. It’s becoming a headache for me.

When you look up my neighborhood using the USDA tool to track food access, it shows you have to travel more than a mile to get to a supermarket.

Where I live it’s hard to get access to healthy, affordable food.

Since I rely on public transportation to get around, the convenience of a one-stop shop is important to me. Walmart was the one place I could buy all the things I need–groceries, school supplies, and even extras like headphones. I’m not trying to sound like an advertisement for one of the world’s biggest retailers. But it’s depressing knowing that I don’t have easy access to any stores with the basics that I need.

In my neighborhood, it’s easier to buy tobacco and alcohol than a pencil.

Like much of the bay area, my neighborhood is changing quickly. Rent is getting higher. And a big box store leaving is a big deal.

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